Review MegaMad Essentials workout program

MegaMad Essentials is a workout program of Mark de Grasse. Mark his company is one of the leading unconventional fitness industrie!


I’ve bought and test the MegaMad Essentials workout dvd . Its a great program for people to discover the unconventional fitness. The program cost 24,99 dollar and you get 18 workouts, 30 excercises and tutorial video’s.

Mark takes you step by step through the workout. In the corner of the video is a timer, so you know how much time you have left to work. Mark explains everything very clear.

In this program he puts a mix of implements such as kettlebell, sandbag and bodyweight workout. If you haven’t one of the tools at home. You can use an old sportsbag and put some weights in it.

My conclusion:
A great workout program for that price!!!